Personal Health Reports

Your health information. In black and white.
The health history report aspect of Minerva is comprehensive and flexible, giving you the ability to generate reports on many aspects of your health history including Medical Alerts and Personal Health Record. Each health history report is customized where you select the report type (summary, detailed, or detailed with hyperlinked attached files) and the health sections (personal, family, all, or user-defined).

Personal Health History Reports are easy to view and navigate

Minerva provides many standardized health history reports that make it easy to understand your personal health history and your family health history:

  • Personal Health Record
  • Emergency Health Record
  • Medical Alerts
  • Medications
  • Healthcare Folders
  • Reminders
  • Family Health History

Minerva Health History Reports are displayed in a standard-compliant web browser such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. View the heatlh history reports as you would any website. Use the scrollbar to move quickly up or down in the reports. Print out a hardcopy or export your health history to your Minerva Flash Drive. Store them at home or share them with your doctor. Minvera Health History Reports can also include standard Health Industry Codes used by healthcare professionals. Minerva gives you report options and empowers you with the information you need in a format you can use.

Minerva also provides Personal Health Graphs of your lab work, physical measurements, and vital signs, and Emergency Cards and Disease Management Protocol Cards with critical details of your health history.

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