Take control of your health records with Minerva® Health Manager.
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With Minerva Health Manager for the PC, you’ll have a powerful personal health record software solution that places your complete health history at your fingertips: medical tests, diagnoses, conditions, x-rays, medications, allergies, and much more. It’s a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage your medical and health history in one easy place – no longer will your personal health records be incomplete, unavailable, or out of reach in someone else’s hands. Minerva PHR Viewer and the Minerva Flashdrives give you and your doctors access to your total health picture – wherever, whenever – which not only means better care for you and your family, but can also make the difference between the right medical decision and the wrong one. When you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

Your Health History.
To Go.

A medical emergency, a visit to a new doctor, away from home: Minerva makes your medical history portable and available whenever you need it.


Be Prepared for Medical

Whether you are at home, on vacation, at school, or traveling for business, your Minerva flash drive gives you easy access to personal health records for you and your family.


Safely Store Your Personal Health Records at Home.

With Minerva, all of your health information is safely stored on your home computer – not on the Internet. Maintain your personal health records in the privacy of your home!


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